Julia Fox appeared on the cover of the magazine in a bikiոi. spicy photo shoot

Julia Fox appeared on the cover of the magazine in a bikiոi. spicy photo shoot

The celebrity flaunted her patriotic body art as well.

On the autumn/winter 2023 cover of King Kong magazine was actress and model Julia Fox, 32. The image was also posted by her on Instagram.

The girl strikes a daring pose in the photo, as she usually does. Echoing the colors and patterns of the American flag, she is dressed in a skimpy red and white striped bikini and blue and white swim trunks with stars.

Her left shoulder has red and white stripes painted on it, and stars on a blue background cover her body from her upper thigh to her chest.

Lying on the white floor, she finished the look with a pair of futuristic thigh-high boots.

Julia’s hair is probably a white wig with black roots that has been curled into ringlets. Applying thick and dark eyeliner accentuated the eyes in celebrities’ makeup looks.

The white manicure with blue and red accents perfectly completes the ensemble.

The model’s face is covered in smoke.

“In our American version, it illustrates how the nation affects foreign-born individuals, yet they are drawn back into the US planet’s gravitational pull.”

Filming features a plethora of images of America, and only a star as brilliant as Julia Fox could use her magnetic force to pull it off.

Her personal tale demonstrates to us all that it is possible to not only survive but also to triumph in the end, even though it is equal parts American dream and American nightmare!

The publication’s page caption reads, “Her first book, a memoir, “Down the Drain,” also available for pre-order!”

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