Kendall shines in a colorful crop top and low-slung miniskirt in holiday campaign photos

Kendall shines in a colorful crop top and low-slung miniskirt in holiday campaign photos

In brand-new images from Jacquemus’ holiday campaign, Kendall Jenner looked stunning.

The 28-year-old model was scorching in a low-rise miniskirt and crimson crop top combination as she posed in front of a snow-filled semi-truck.

She accessorized her all-red, monochromatic ensemble with fluffy white sandal heels and opaque tights to accentuate her toned legs.

The reality TV personality wore her raven black hair down and plenty of rosy pink blush for a flushed look as she bundled up in a taupe trench coat to grab an iced tea in Los Angeles on Monday.

She once threw on some old-school red-framed sunglasses and curled up on the edge of the truck, one foot raised.

She repeated the same photo shoot as the face of the French fashion label, this time donning a metallic silver crop top and skirt combination.

But this time, she leaned against a snowman, stood in a mound of snow, and nibbled on a carrot while flaunting her bare legs.

She had extremely toned abs in one close-up photo, with what looked like water dripping down her midriff.

In addition, Kendall posted an incredibly close-up, happy picture of her palely makeup-ed face wrapped in a white balaclava hat.

She was seen wearing only white underwear and a bright red Santa hat while lying topless on a pale yellow couch in one of the photos released on Monday.

Subsequently, Kendall was spotted sitting in a wooden chair, a chic white coat on, and one of her slender legs covered in multicolored Christmas lights.

Kendall, who had hinted at the campaign over the weekend, looked fierce in a skimpy blue tweed miniskirt and sleeveless zip-up top that matched her ice skates.

Keeping with the snow sports, the reality TV star displayed her skis and ski boots on a plush chair while wearing only a cozy sweatshirt and no pants.

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