Kind couple seeing the dog with sad look decides to adopt him and make him happier

A stray dog named Benji was sent to an Animal shleter in Los Angeles. He had a very unsual sad look and didn’t like socializing and the workers named him an unfriendly doggie.

But due to the sad look in his photo on the adoption list, the baby got adopted.

A nice couple Jared and Jessica decided to choose a pet for their future home. And one day, searching on different websites they found the photo of the sad dog and fell in love with him. Soon, they adopted him.

But in order to take their favorite dog, the couple drove to Los Angeles from Sacramento. When they finally arrived, the staff members told them to not adopt that one as he was not sociable and friendly, but the couple didn’t change their mind.

Eventually, Benji was taken to the home, Even though he was scared and aggressive, he soon got along with his owners and adapted to the new family.

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