Kindness will save the world

Kindness will save the world. A man’s generous act helped an owner who was dying to be with her lovely pet her last minutes of life.

To give happiness, the man decided to drive 1,000 miles to give the dog to its owner.
This man’s act is heartwrenching, although he didn’t know this woman before. The woman in Burnsville learned about her illness and that she had little time to live, decided to leave for Washington with her lovely dog to spend her days at her friend’s house. All she wanted is to have some time in peace with her loved ones.

Her plan was ruined, as she learned that the airline didn’t allow her to take the dog, because of respiratory issues. This situation wrecked the woman, she was forced to give Bailey to the vet clinic, where she learned that they’ll help to return Bailey to her. The clinic made sure that the local rescue center was aware of the situation.
While the team was trying to help the woman, the dog was living with her temporal guardians, Ryan and Shakopee.
Thus, Ryan drove to Washington, it took about 27 hours. Finally, they were reunited.

Sad to say that Ryan wasn’t present in the touching moment, as the dog’s owner was at the hospital.
But still, he was glad he could assist the dying woman, who will spend her last months with her dear friend.

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