Kylie Jenner models the brand in a bodysuit that highlights the star’s curvy figure

Kylie Jenner models the brand in a bodysuit that highlights the star’s curvy figure

In three images posted to her Instagram account on Friday, Kylie Jenner hinted at the forthcoming second drop of merchandise from her apparel line, Khy.

The 26-year-old reality TV star was seen driving a luxury car while showcasing one of her company’s newest products in the pictures.

The businesswoman, who recently flaunted her new diamond ring, posed for pictures wearing a white bodysuit that hugged her sculpted figure.

The light color of Jenner’s outfit went nicely with her big brunette locks.

Last month, it was made public that the social media giant intended to start a clothing line.

In a post published on October 24, the model confirmed the news regarding her new endeavor on Instagram.

On November 1, the businesswoman gave her fans access to Khy’s first clothing line.

Among Jenner’s initial offerings were a trench coat and a variety of dresses and bottoms, many made from vegan leather.

According to People, Khy’s premiere was a huge hit with viewers, and the reality show made $1 million in just one hour of airing.

The reality TV star recently had a lengthy interview with Vogue, in which she disclosed that she had taken a hands-on approach when her brand was first starting out.

“I want everyone to understand my full involvement in this.” I’ve attended every fit meeting, from concept generation to designing—or co-designing, if we’re working with other designers—to choosing materials and colors, she said.

Jenner went on to say that she had assumed multiple executive positions at her apparel company.

“I oversee the brand and marketing as the creative director.” “I have personally edited every Instagram post and video that has been posted, and I have never posted an Instagram post that I haven’t posted,” she disclosed.

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