Little stray dog wags her tail excitingly every time someone passes by, with the hope that he will be noticed and saved

Many street animals want to have a forever caring family.

This stray dog lived Sri Lanka streets and fought for his life striving to survive during the cold and hunger. And as any other helpless dog, he wished to finally be adopted to start a new life with a loving family.

So when someone passed by he wagged his tail to attract their attention. Eventually, he was noticed by a group of people from Thailand, who were rescuing elephants.

His little tail and exciting eyes melted their hearts and one of the rescuers provided him with food, washed, and put him in a warm blanket.

Fortunately, a kind man called Thushara decided to adopt the puppy. He got the name of Lek Lek, and now enjoys his happy life, full of love and care from his owner.

One day, that same rescuer from Thailand came to visit him and Lek Lek immediately recognized her. It was a very touching moment as after a long time the baby recognizes his rescuer who was so kind to him, what’s more, she gave him the chance to have a forever caring home.

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