Man was shocked when his “dead” cat returned home after his touching funeral

When a man with the name of Nathan adopted a beautiful black cat, who completely changed his life.

He got a best friend, who gave him joy and real happiness. In return, the man took really good care of him.
The cat named Loki always loved wandering in the yard and also outside of it but something terrible happened due to his wandering habit.

One day, when Nathan was coming back from work, he noticed a black creature lying next to the door, he went closer and saw his beloved cat who was not breathing.

The desperate man thought it was his cat Loki and called for his girlfriend who came and started to calm him and help him to organize a proper funeral for the cat.

They buried him near the year. Nathan was in a very bad condition, he did;t know what happened and how come he will never see his beloved cat again.

But you see, the next morning Loki itself returned home safe and sound. Nathan was in shock!

He was astonished by the fact that they buried him hours ago and he is here alive! Apparently, that was another cat. So Nathan impatiently hugged his cat and was very cheered to see Loki alive.

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