Newborn kitten in need of help cried for over 15 hours, then this couple found and rescued him

A kind couple Josh and Alisa, while having a meal at John’s house, suddenly heard the crying of an animal.

Alisa recognized that sound and suggested that its the meow of a kitten.

So she got up to find the poor animal. So the couple started the search. Turned out the sound was coming from the neighbor’s property.

John’s sister informed that she heard the noise around fifteen hours ago. So John’s father asked his permission to look at the surroundings of the neighbor’s property.

The neighbor looked and found nothing.

But the father didn’t stand there and he went on to search, Soon, he found the crying newly born kitten. As a result, the little one was saved.

They fed and took care of him. Eventually, he will be in good hands and will definitely be adopted!

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