Penguin jumped into a boat of tourists to escape from predator whales

These bloggers usually post about their trips, they are Matt and the wife Anna.

There was a short video where they were in Antarctica, they noticed a couple of whales killers going after their food penguin.

The bird went side to side, but the whales surrounded him like a circle ready to attack.

But the little one didn’t panic and jumped out of the water intending to jump on one of the small boats with tourists. But he couldn’t make it and fell back right into the water.

People thought there was no hope for the penguin, but the animal was determined to rescue himself. So the second time he made it and jumped, even though one of the travellers helped him out with his hand.

The disappointed flock of predators swam to their nest.

In a couple of minutes he jumped into the water and rushed to escape to its place. Finally, the whales were far away from him.

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