Rescued by a kind woman baby elephant got fully recovered and now follows her human everywhere.

Some people let the unusual animals from wild be their pets, just like this elephant.

This woman named Roxy from Zimbabwe saved the baby elephant’s life, arranged all the good conditions for the animal, and took her to her house.

Her name is Moyo and is fifteen months old.


In the organization of Wild is Life orphanage, this woman was a caretaker who helped out lots of wild animals to survive. Roxy and the staff of the shelter rescued and hosted diverse animals and took care of them.

Moyo was just a newborn when she was found by the rescue team. No one could imagine that this baby would survive, but she struggled really hard to keep on living.

Thanks to Roxy’s efforts and love the baby recovered. Now she goes to mend and gratefully follows her lovely human everywhere she goes.

It’s very strange that Moyo even recognizes the smell of her beloved human and goes after her.

Apparently, they had a very special and lovely bond created between them.

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