Set a task: people built an 18-meter ladder to get a kitten out of a tree

At the end of October, in the Welsh city of Tredegar, a largescale operationn waas launchedto rescue a domestic cat, which, due to inexperience, climbed to the top of a tall tree and flatly refused to go down to people.

For several days, the anxious townspeople persuaded the animal to get down – they lured it with food, tried to reach it with their hands, tried to climb a tree and involved firefighters, but these attempts only aggravated the situation – the frightened cat climbed higher and higher.

Then the employees of a local company involved in the manufacture and assembly of scaffolding began to help the animal. They built a structure in several tiers, but could not reach the animal. Then the rescuers decided to leave food and water to the fluffy extreme girl and try to communicate with her the next day. But the cat was very stubborn and intractable. She seemed to enjoy watching people build tier after tier trying to get to her. For several days, the guys from the construction company alternately approached the animal, then again lost sight of it.

And then the situation began to change. The cat began to come out to the upper platform to eat and drink water in those moments when there were no people nearby. The animal was frightened by the crowd of townspeople who gathered every day at the base of the “pyramid”. Therefore, the rescuers asked people to leave the cat alone, while they themselves installed a trap cage on the upper platform, into which the runaway soon got caught.

A week later, the cat finally returned to its owners, and residents of the city, closely following the story via Facebook, bombarded the construction team and employees of various city services who participated in the rescue operation with words of gratitude.

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