Shelter puppy dressed in a cute tuxedo to meed his new family which never showed up

It is so exciting to see a dog who is thrilled to meet his owners who are ready to finally adopt him and take care of him in a loving and caring family.

So this doggie was so incredibly excited to meet his new owners that he got dressed in a tuxedo to meet them properly. The three-month-old orphaned puppy is Vicente, he was waiting for his lovely humans for so long to appear, but, obviously, they never showed up.

All the documentations were already signed and prepared but at the very last moment, the family changed their mind and didn’t come.

The heart of this poor doggie was broken. The shelter staff was very disappointed, they even took pictures of the poor buddy and post his story on social media.

Many people were so compassionate toward the doggie, they send lovely comments and wishes. Hopefully, a lot of offers for adoption had been suggested.

The shelter directories decided to be strict and cautious when accepting an offer. They truly want their furry babies to be in good hands.

Eventually, Vicente found a responsible and caring forever home.

Vicente is now happier and enjoys his life fully.

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