Such a touching story when the pet was asking the female not to separate it with its real companion

The article refers to a cute pet who was almost in the edge of adoption and his favorite companion did not wish him to leave.

When a fellow named Dayana went to a shop of pets in order to take one of the animals she decided to buy a cute dachshund. Anyway the process of adoption was rather difficult than she had supposed.

She saw at that time when the companion of the dog from another cage as if it was asking not to separate them as they were attached to one another.

The pictures are really heart touching and looking at the dog you automatically want to cuddle it. The story was spread on the Internet. They were sorry for the sad feelings that the poor dog was experiencing.

It did not want to lose it best companion. They were interested if the girl would take them both with her or not. Unluckily she was not able to take all the pets so she brought only one.

Long time has passed that the female had wish to adopt the other pet. She confessed that was doing her best to take two pets. Several months passed and she let the followers know about having a new pet in the family.

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