The female had no wish to look after the cat but after encountering the pet Belarus she changed her mind

The holder of the kitty did not want to keep animals in her house.

So once she decided to make a hard determination. Now she is the holder of the kitty named Belarus.

The cat was moved to the animal refuge having hope that once it will appear in a lovely family and house. The cat is lovely and it was in need of care and always wanted to receive love from people coming to the refuge.

When seeing one of the visitors it stood on its legs and its eyes were begging to take it from the refuge. When they were leaving the kitty was becoming sad and was waiting for other visitors to see.

Once a resident living in San Francisco was looking through its account on Instagram suddenly saw an advertisement of a small cat and since that time she had wish to meet it.

The girl’s name was Rachel. She confessed that did not think that could ever be fond of kitties and will have a great wish to encounter the kitty. When seeing it she decided that should help it.

Now she has adopted the cat which goes after the girl to every place. Even having a shower it will sit near the door until she finishes. It loves its new owner very much and they enjoy passing time together.

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