The kitten was asking for meal from a passenger and determined to remain behind her

How one can befriend with someone and assist in hard times.

It is important to demonstrated creativity which was taken into action by a usual kitten. A teacher named Tanya noticed a cat near the shop and as if started to communicate with it.

The cat used the opportunity. Let’s see what occurred later. The pet was sure what it was lack of. Tanya was touched by the manner of the pet.

It was not clear how the cat appeared in the street but it did not have a tail. It was also injured. So the consequences of living outside could be reflected on its eyes.

The pet seemed to be exhausted and it was in need of assistance. It was anyway rather clever to search for help near a shop where a lot of people could be seen.

Tanya determined that she did not meet the cat by chance. She had belief in fate. So she adopted the kitten. She named it as Koneyo.

The meaning of it is rabbit which means not to have a tail. The girl was not doubtful about anything she was sure the cat would bring her good luck. The story appeared on the Internet and a lot of people loved them.

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