The kitty named Tombo inhabits in school and is a loyal companion for pupils

One of the cities in Turkey several years ago a small kitty was seen at school.

The pupils at once took it and started to give meal, pass time with it and after a short time the cat was loved by them.

The cat mostly was fond of the children who were on the 3rd grade. The kitten was moved to the hospital where it received the necessary treatment and pupils named it is Tombo.

The teachers realized that the animal was affecting them positively. The pupils had become more quiet, attentive and they did not want to scare the cute cat.

The animal even is participating the classes and can assist of turning pages of books. The children often prepare presentations referring their companion.

Unluckily one of the parents made an appeal about the presence of the animal during classes. So a new shelter was determined to give the animal and not to be seen at school.

Tombo was tired and did not want to eat , the days were boring for it. So the staff did everything to return it. They prepared all the documents and vaccinations. Children were very happy again seeing it at school.

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