The most lovable kitty with its angry face captured hearts of thousands

Most people are not fond of Mondays.

As that day includes mostly much work and responsibilities that should be done. And we would say that humans are not alone with that as this adorable young one had such kind of appearance of face that looks like a person in Monday morning.

The name of the kitty is Marley who has thousands of followers on social media and shares it lifestyle. It seems as if it always have teh same appearance of face.

When looking the face of the cat you will notice 2 eyeliners from the photos. The followers of the cat are fond of it and simply do not stop laughing when seeing its cute face expression.

Humans say that they have the same face expression on Monday when coming to work. Marley lives in California. Though its face the wonderful cat is usually a very joyful and happy one.

Sometimes it envies Sherman. It is the second kitty of its holder. In case you were fond of the article don’t hesitate and share it with your familiars and companions.

Just make their day. Cats are really unusual creatures. They can be both funny and active. Let them bring smiles on everyone’s face.

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