The pet looks after the small kitties while they get courage to communicate with people

A lot of people assist creatures when being in hard situation.

But in some cases their puppies save them. And such thing occurred with a woman living in New York. Her name is Asa who is fond of assisting wandering pets and helps them to look for caring holders.

During those years she found home for hundreds of creatures. And during that time his faithful friend was a pet the name of which was Kona.

He was a lovely babysitter for the pets. When the holder started to take home small pets her pet became interested in them and even started to look after them.

The dog assists the animals to feel comfortable when the environment is strange for them. Currently the pet is looking after small kitties which were noticed on the street.

Their names are Blair, Chester, Asa. They were afraid from people as had not been interacted with them before that. But they for a short time got connected with the dog. And shortly they had trust on their holder and began to plat with her and sleep near her.

The hard thing in the process was to say goodbye the pets after saving them. Anyway she is happy to give them to caring families.

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