The pet which was blind and had a good companion and they were eventually reconnected

The pet Dachshund was 12 and the pit bull was about six.

There were inseparable and were fond of one another. Dozer follows it everywhere as it did not have the ability to see. It was living with a kind hearted woman who determined to look after it from the refuge.

Since that day fellowship have been formed between them. Unluckily the holder of the pets lost her home and had to stay outside.

She was not able to take animals so she moved them to an animal refuge. She was rather sad about that. She told the volunteers not separate the dogs as they were connected.

They did as the woman said and presented both pets to a caring family. For a short time a resident noticed a stray dog near to his house.

He took it to the refuge as he thought it was a wandering animal. The volunteers using the chip knew the holder of the dog and called the female.

She rejected to take it and wanted to leave it there. And she did not wish to give in Dozer. But how the animals could be separated?

The case became popular on the Internet and people were interested if the pets would encounter one another. The woman handed the dog over and the pets were reunited. Now the volunteers look for a family for them.

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