The size of the company does not interfere. mouse and dog adore each other

Sheepdogs are often associated with courage, leadership and a stern disposition.

Who would have thought that such a serious dog could make friends with a mouse? Moreover, the baby is not at all afraid of a huge beast and boldly climbs right into the toothy mouth!

Dutch Shepherd,Osiris iis fivee yearrs olld and was left alone when he was still a puppy. But, fortunately, a new family was found for the dog, and now he “works” as a therapy dog. Rat Riff is seven months old and very quickly became inseparable from Osiris.

When osiris firstapproacheed Riiff, the owners were worried that the dog might simply eat the baby. But to their surprise, the animals became friends. The dog loves to lick Riff with his huge tongue, and he enjoys the massage.

The guys often spend time together on a comfortable couch, Riff regularly “smacks” Osiris right on the nose, as a token of appreciation for the friendship.

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