The wonderful kitty who wears clothes to defend its chest now has got a lifelong companion with it

A small kitty appeared in one of the shelters to have a good life to spend.

It was noticed alone after that it appeared to the place. When taking the cat they saw that the chest had deformation. The name of the kitten was Leroy.

Even the difficulties for the cat anyway it was pleasing the employees of the shelter. It was eating with appetite and was rather sociable. It was fond of humans.

The employees decided to their best to assist the poor animal. Its diagnosis was the malformation of the chest. Its case was serious that operation should have been done.

It was wearing corset for some days and then the surgery rescued the life of the pet. That was a necessary thing for the pet. As gradually it was becoming hard for it to breath.

It was a courageous kitty. The operation was hard but gave its results. And currently the pet is very active as if nothing serious had occurred to it. It was enjoying its life merely.

It has to have a tiny plate on his body to grow in a normal way. That thing is under beautiful outfits. The development process is growing fast and makes people happy. Now it has got another companion kitty, Poppy and they pass their time together.

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