Two young boys, Jack, and Nick were training near the wilderness in Sydney when they saw a kangaroo in the mud

Two young boys, Jack, and Nick were training near the wilderness in Sydney.

It was covered with islets of mud and it was then when they suddenly saw the head of a poor animal was seen in the mud.

When they looked attentively, the teenagers realized that it was the kangaroo’s head and that it was fully in the mud.

Someone had to rescue him! He was hardly moving.

The guys were aware that no time has left to hang back, and rushed to a rescuing action. Nick bonded a rope all over his body and got his way through the mud to the kangaroo.

Jack was holding the other end, he was waiting to pull them out at the right time.

Luckily, Nick could drag the kangaroo out of the mud.

The animal realized that he was being rescued.

“We were afraid for his life. He might be thirsty now it’s dried up out here, and he got stuck.”

The heroes checked the kangaroo to see if he was okay and immadiately took him to an Australian Wildlife Rescue.

The workers In the center washed the animal and gave him water to drink.

Now he is gradually recovering. Many people are taking care of him.

During an interview, Nick said that he is very proud to act like that, mostly because the kangaroo is a symbol of Australia.

“I will again rush into the mud to help an animal if needed,” says Nick.

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