When the street beloved cat passed away, the locals built a monument statue to immortalize her memory

Perhaps, majority of the people in the world like a cat,s and for some of them, they are the best pets to keep.

They are beautiful as kittens and as grown-up animals who like sleeping or sitting in the same spot. A very interesting case happened in Istanbul, Turkey.

Thi sta with the name of Tombili got recognized and famous as a tourist took his picture sitting carelessly in a comfortable pose.

The cat became a well-known legend in Turkey and in the world as well. He also appeared in funny memes and comics.

But unfortunately, one year ago she died of natural causes, she was already quite old. And the local decided to build a monument in the owner of the beautiful cat who liked to sit there a enjoy the day.
Eventually, they placed there a nice bronze small statue at the same spot she was photographed once.

It even gives sense and special meaning to visitors. In the midst of chaos, rushing life, you need to find time to just sit down and relax.

Everyone loved the fabulous statue which reminds them of the wonderful cat Tombili.

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