Amanda Holden rubs her co-star all over while flaunting her abs in a crop top

Amanda Holden rubs her co-star all over while flaunting her abs in a crop top

When Amanda Holden used Instagram to show off yet another amazing ensemble, her followers went into a frenzy.

The 52-year-old TV personality dazzled as she stepped out in a satin high neck black crop top, looking ageless. She paired the tiny item with velvet bell-bottom pants embellished with a striking gold embroidery and red stripe.

Before running into her co-star Ashley Roberts, Amanda used the Heart FM headquarters as her catwalk, slicing through the office and showcasing her trim figure in the fashionable pieces.

The singer of Pussycat Dolls wore a creation made by one of the British Got Talent judges.

“It’s only 25 sleeps until Christmas,” Amanda said, posing for pictures and chatting to the camera before spotting her friend.

The TV personality quickened her gait and approached Ashley, who was hiding from the camera and hanging ornaments from the office tree.

“Ohhh, Ashley Roberts, can I just say you are looking sooo hot,” said Amanda. “Do you think so?” the singer asked. “Yes, this suit looks amazing on you,” Amanda clarified.

Ashley obliged, playing along with the promotion and blowing out her hair, saying, “It’s a little Amanda Holden special from Lipsey and she’s velour.” Her co-star approached her for a hug.

scrubbing both sides The BGT panelist and Pussycat Dolls star exclaimed, “Oh my god, let me stroke you.” Ashley continued by saying to fans:

“Yes so when you’re rubbing up and down other humans this festive season, you’re going to feel real good.”

The Heart FM celebrities have previously drawn attention from admirers for their alluring actions at work.

However, after they started dancing around as seductive reindeer with Jamie Theakston, who was dressed as Father Christmas, the two suddenly found themselves unpopular with people on the internet.

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