New statistics showed that when losing a pet it is as difficult as the loss of a familiar one

Pets are one of the cutiest creatures in the world

Whoever had got a dog and it passed away only he can understand how much it costs. It is considered that dog generally lives up to 13 years.

We get connected with them so when we lose them it becomes difficult as in the case of losing familiars. It may seem incredible but it is actually so.

When the favorite pet passes away the human being can fell into stress and sometimes it is hard for him to face the challenge. The scientist have studied that while losing an animal it can break.

As the connection between them and us can be rather firm. Gradually they become very important for us. Is it comparable loss of the pet and the loss of a human?

Our familiars can be next to us and assist getting over the process. In difficult moments one can visit also a psychologist they can also be effective in those times.

The important thing that person should not do is to conceal the pain. While losing an animal piece of love is also lost. To get over the situation we should admit it and to let it go. The healing process needs some time.

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