The female had no wish to look after the cat but after encountering the pet Belarus she changed her mind
The holder of the kitty did not want to keep animals in her house. So once she decided to make a hard determination. Now she is the holder
The pet which was 16 was living in the loveliest family that took it to the beach via mobile bed
It is difficult for aged dogs to stay active and to have a walk in different kind of places. The pet named Cocoa was 16 and was fond
The pet is so connected with its mother that even after a year of being saved by her it rushes to cuddle it
A pet the name of which was Kylo is thankful to his holder for being saved by her and is always ready to show how grateful it is.
A guy rescued a small kitty which had one eye and it was noticed wandering on the roads
The name of the cat is Poppy. It was a wandering cat who was one-eyed as it had issues concerning the second one. It was inhabiting on the
The cat named Quenda had unique long legs and people were sympathizing with it
Humans became emotional about an unusual creature. It was about a kitty from Australia which was known for having long legs and people were reacting to its anomaly
Such a touching story when the pet was asking the female not to separate it with its real companion
The article refers to a cute pet who was almost in the edge of adoption and his favorite companion did not wish him to leave. When a fellow
No one had wish to adopt the deaf pet but the guy who had the same disability took it under his wings
No one aimed at taking the small pet from the animal refuge. The poor one had lost the hope that one day can have a caring owner and
The red cat is now grown up and make commands to its police dad
Cody who is an officer his age is 28. Once it saved the life of the small kitty which was named Skirt. And it is not the whole
The small kitty is adopted by an aged Labrador they look very sweet
One day a farmer when walking near her house heard by chance a squeak. It went to the direction of the voice and noticed a baby kitty. She
An unusual koala was born and made happy the employees of Australian Zoo
An unusual koala came to earth in Australia. But not very soon humanity knew about that The animal got the color because of genetics. It got that color