The pony supposes to be a pet and is fond of sitting in the house and watching soap operas
Look at the pony who inhabits in Scotland as a domestic animal. Its early companions were pets and it was learning from them. The holder of the pony,
The kind pet started to look after a fox which was deprived of mother care as she had died
Unordinary stories can be met on the earth frequently. This one is about Dinozzo, which was a baby fox and had lost its mother in the accident. The
A man with the name Jim is fond of sleeping next to his loyal companions big bears
The photos were captured several years ago and attracted people’s attention. When looking at the photos as if your heart melts. We can see the firm connection among
New statistics showed that when losing a pet it is as difficult as the loss of a familiar one
Pets are one of the cutiest creatures in the world Whoever had got a dog and it passed away only he can understand how much it costs. It
The kitten was asking for meal from a passenger and determined to remain behind her
How one can befriend with someone and assist in hard times. It is important to demonstrated creativity which was taken into action by a usual kitten. A teacher
The kitty named Tombo inhabits in school and is a loyal companion for pupils
One of the cities in Turkey several years ago a small kitty was seen at school. The pupils at once took it and started to give meal, pass
The female gave the starving pet meal but the kind-hearted pet presented it to its thin kitty companion
We have seen that not only people can be generous but also animals. These creatures can demonstrate those emotions frequently. A tiny dog the name of which was
The cute tiny dog is fond of flowers and loves to smell whenever seeing them
It is considered that dogs like very much to sniff each thing. And the following cutie is fond of smelling flowers. As the holder says the pet started
The kitty is the assistant for the unhearing sailor and assists it while navigating
When the kitty was about 4 months his holder Paul was a sailor and once took it with him while navigating in New Zealand. The name of the
Climbers went for 12 hour travelling to rescue a wounded pet which was left on the peak
Sean and his companions knew that a pet was injured and was stuck near the mountain. They at once started the long walk to assist the creature. Somebody