Sofia is unrecognizable with a huge nose and wrinkles in the teaser of the new series

Sofia is unrecognizable with a huge nose and wrinkles in the teaser of the new series

The Colombian actress Sofia Vergara surprised her fans with her most recent appearance, which features wrinkles and a large nose.

In the upcoming Netflix series Griselda, the judge from America’s Got Talent will play the lead role. The narrative centers on a real-life Colombian businesswoman who founded one of the most prosperous cartels ever recorded.

In the teaser video that she posted on Instagram, the celebrity appeared entirely unrecognizable.

The actress from Modern Family is well-known for having clear skin and a fresh face, but in the video, she also had a larger nose and lines around her eyebrows.

The star has a full head of curly hair and gives the camera a sly smoulder in the video. She accessorized her wild hairdo with a V-neck blouse and a gold necklace.

“Can’t wait to share this project with you!” is the caption Sofia wrote when she shared the video on Instagram. It has been my passion to bring this to you for the past ten years, and it’s almost here! @netflix on January 25.”

Admirers rushed to the comments section right away to gushing about her most recent passion project.

“Congrats, Sofia! You really broke out of your ‘pretty girl’ shell and moved on to an impactful role,” one person wrote. I am very excited to see your performance!”

“You are still too good looking to be Griselda,” a second person joked. According to a third, “They could never make you as unattractive as she was.”

A fourth person exclaimed, “WOW THE CHARACTERISATION! Simply amazing! A REAL PERSON.”

The true tale of Griselda Blanco, who rose to become “The Godmother” of the underworld, served as the basis for the upcoming television series.

In the film, Sofia plays Griselda, which narrates the tale of a loving mother who founded one of the most successful cartels in history.

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