The cute mommy was seen defending its babies from metal bars in a yard

One day a group of volunteers form NYC rushed to save a mummy together with its babies.

They were located in a dirty yard. We can’t imagine about the care the cat can give it to its babies. Kitty mothers are always ready with maternal instinct to protect their children.

The article proves that case. The volunteers by chance saw cat which was with its kitties defending them. It was actual that the location was a dangerous one for the family.

To rescue them the group did everything. One of the volunteers Ariana came to the location to examine the place. And they noticed several kitties and their mommy near metal bars.

When the female came close to the mother it let her to take the babies and then left away. After a short time they were saved and were given meal.

A rescuer determined to take them with him to his house. One of the cat was a girl and the others were girls. The mother abandoned its children and did not want to return.

The babies were anyway sociable and active. One day Ariana even returned to the same place were the kitties were noticed to look for the mummy of the animals.

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