A 59-year-old dying chimpanzee named Mama got cheered up by the surprise visit of her old friend

An old chimpanzee with the name of Mama who was around sixty years old was struggling from a very painful disease at the zoo in Netherlands.

Se was aggressively pushing away any food. She was desperately curling up. Obviously, she was suffering from pain.

Soon, her old friend biologist with the name of Jan gave an unexpected visit. They met each other in 1972 and became close friends. Mama’s reaction to seeing her old friend was priceless.

She kept the man tight and hugged him endlessly. It was a heart-melting moment.

It is not a secret that animals usually create emotional and strong bonds between humans, which is, in fact, is an amazing feeling. But it seemed like there was something unique in their reunion, looked like Mama filled up with light and pure joy, maybe that because they didn’t see each other for a very long time. His surprise visit eased her pains somehow.

She passed away right after the week of reunion,

Rest in Peace, Mama!

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