A beautiful soul priest opens the doors of church to the poor stray dogs, and finds loving owners for them

Some street dogs in need, who live in Gravata city, Brazil, know that in case of any trouble they have a roof over their head and food for the day.

It’s because of a kindhearted priest with the name ofJoão Paulo. loves the dog so much, that he always lets the poor ones stay inside the church.

He states that since childhood he loved them but had no chance to help them. So now, as he is an adult, he tries his best to help them somehow, so he takes them to church with him.

Moreover, he supports them to find loving owners!

For example, during the church gatherings, believers come in and sit there for a while to pray, so that’s a good opportunity for the four-legged cuties to find their future owners.

Sometimes the dogs can sit next to the priest during the event, he never rejects them.

At the touching moments when someone takes a dog and adopts it, the priest cheers wholeheartedly as he knows that he has done a good deed and helped the poor creature.

But if no one takes a certain dog. the priest takes them to his home.

He even has his own Instagram and Facebook accounts, and people just love this kindest priest!

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