A caring American Akita sensed that something is wrong with her pregnant human

It’s shocking how dogs can sense illnesses and death. That mysterious feeling helped them to save their family’s life.


One time, a dog sensed the serious illness in its owner’s body. That was kind of a sixth sense. His name is Kaola who lived with his parents in England. He was loved and always got good care.

Recently, he learned great news about his parent, she was pregnant. But anyway, he has a strange feeling that something was wrong. She actually had back pains and doctors said that it was just a side effect of pregnancy.

But he obviously felt something. Everyone noticed his strange behavior. She was pushing the woman and crying unstoppably. So everyone advised her to take the situation seriously.

The woman said that no one knew that she was sick but Kaola. She wanted to say something to give a hint.

So the woman went to a hospital and it turned out that there was something serious and she was immadiately got to be hospitalized.

The doctors said that she had to take serious treatment, if not she would die because of kidney infections.

Thanks to her dog, she was safe and sound. As the woman said, without Kaola she could have died soon.

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