A farmer performed a caesarean section on a dead fox after seeing the cubs pushing in the stomach

Briton Chris Rolph, 24, was driving home when he suddenly noticed a fox lying on the side of the road. She was hit by a car, and it was no longer possible to help her. From the swollen belly, the man realized that the fox was pregnant, and when he noticed movements, he decided to give the foxes a chance.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Chris performed a C-section on her, using a hunting knife instead of a scalpel. “I didn’t think about anything at that moment, I just did it,” the man recalls.

Four foxes were born. Chris wrapped them in a warm scarf and took them to his mother’s house, where they bathed them together and fed them warm milk. After the bath, the newborns were folded into a cardboard box and placed next to a heater.

Chris and his mother Jean took care of the foxes. At first, the animals had to be fed every 20 minutes – they had to get up at night.

According to Jean, caring for newborn animals is no different than caring for newborn babies. This is a responsible and often tedious job. But fortunately, the efforts of the “foster family” were not in vain – all four cubs survived. Now they are quite adults and already try to eat dog food and chicken meat. They are very affectionate and playful, but Chris does not want to accustom them to a person.

Once the cubs get stronger, he plans to donate the family to the Fox Project, which helps the animals return to the wild.

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