A gang of cubs got into the car and tried to steal it

Bears rarely go out to people – and mostly in search of food. But this time, the animals just decided to have fun, almost stealing the car in front of the surprised owner.

American Chad Morris and his family were vacationing in the resort town of Gatlinburg, surrounded by dense forests, and witnessed a very unusual scene. The man was with his family in the house, when suddenly loud sounds began to be heard from the yard.

Chad ran out to see what had happened – and an amazing picture appeared before his eyes: mom and cubs occupied his car and obviously were not going anywhere. The playful animals were not very embarrassed by the fact that they were caught red-handed. They seemed to be planning to steal a car – one of the cubs was already comfortably at the wheel, and two were in the back seat. And the mother bear at that time stood “on the lookout”, looking at people with curiosity.

Chad did not dare to approach the predators. The man could only watch in despair as the cubs smashed his car from the inside. Soon they got tired of pampering, and they decided to get into the car of Chad’s parents – but, fortunately, they did not succeed.

Having twirled a little in the yard and not finding other entertainment, unexpected guests went to the forest. They allowed themselves to be photographed and did not harm any of the people – which cannot be said about Chad’s car, which took the brunt of it.

According to the man, the cubs tore off a decent piece of upholstery from the seat and left a lot of scratches. The animals also bit through a ball and a can of protein shake. But Chad is not offended: the damage can be easily repaired, and the memories of this amazing day will remain forever. “Is it all true? Pinch me!” he laughs.

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