A huge dog named Brutus took the role of the baby’s nanny and gave him the most valuable

Michalek and his family were dog lovers. They dreamed of having a dog, and one day their dream came true and they adopted their beloved animal.

This little dog soon became his family’s lovely member and close friend. His owners loved him so much that they even opened an Instagram page with the dog’s name.

The owners of the animal named him Brutus, and he now has more than 12 thousand followers on Instagram.

His female owner publishes the most interesting photos and videos of the dog on the page, which receive many likes.

Brutus was very loyal to his family, and even when his parents had a child, he cared for the newborn with great love. When the baby cried, the animal would bring its toys and soothe the baby. The parents were simply amazed at the dog’s caring actions and enthusiastically shared them on the Internet.

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