A hungry cat got into the cage and befriended a lynx who kindly shared her food

We always wonder, do wild and domestic friends can befriend each other?

it is suggested that if both of them are from the samespecies, then they can get along or become friends.

One time, a street cat was wandering through the street of St Petersburg searching for food. She found not only a great meal for a day but a new friend and companion as well. She was lucky to find tasty and big beef chunks.


The yummy food was discovered in the zoo, in a cage of wild lynx. The large one could tear the cat in pieces, seeing the little thief grabbing her food. But wow she didn’t even touch the little one.

Maybe that’s because she found herself similar to the cat, or realizing that she was a stray cat and has no food.

Now the little one regularly visits her big sister who in her turn, always shares with the food.

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