A kind disabled man saves the life of a kitten stuck in the drain

Beautiful footage of kindness from a human. A young man in the wheelchair was risked to save the kitten in need.

This shero’s act was caught on camera by that man’s best friend, who was also disabled. A man named Abu was walking to the gym with his friend when suddenly he saw a little animal in a drain.

They quickly got closer to explore, Turned out it was a small kitten who was in need of help. He was in danger and something needed to be done soon.

Even though he couldn’t move his legs he started to act.

Abu climbed from the wheelchair and approached the drain and tried to get the kitten out of the drain.

He failed the first time and decided to change his direction. Luckily the second attempt was successful and now the baby is safe and sound.


Next time he won’t risk his life and stuck in such places. Anyway, if not the kind man, the kitten would survive.

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