A little dog, that was lost for six years, was found and saved by a stranger and reunited with his family

A little and thin Chihuahua was lost and wandered around the city.

And no one knows what could happen to him if not the stranger who saw him in need and helped him. The man took him to the nearest shelter, he was very emaciated, but also a quite friendly and easy-going puppy.

The staff found a microchip, so they immediately called the owners. The puppy’s name was Alex. It turned out that the little one had been lost for six years, and his owners were desperately searching for him everywhere.

Here is the amazing story. Alex has a good friend with the name of Thunder, but then the family sent him to stay with their parents. Alex probably couldn’t get along with the situation as he missed him a lot. So he ran out from the fence, with the hope to find his friend.

Over six years no one could find the puppy. They were about to lose hope.

However, one evening the family got a call, and since then, their life has changed.

Alex was so happy to see them, he remembered them and kept hugging and kissing.

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