A local reporter sees the dying horse in flames and saves his life by raising awareness on social media

When the dreadful fires started in California, the majority of the people saving their lives, couldn’t save their properties, and also their pets and farm animals.

The small that was already swallowed in flames and people escaped. And then a woman named Gina saw a horrible flame from the burning house spread to its surroundings, where the horse remained helpless. He could not stand and run The poor horse found a hole in the wall and tried to breathe. He was begging for help.

Gina immadiately got in touch with the firefighters, but they couldn’t stop fighting against the fire and run for the horse. Then the desperate woman posted the photo of the poor horse on social media, and soon after volunteers and came to help with a tranquilizer.

Fortunately, they managed to break down the wall and pull the animal out from the fire.

He was taken to the clinic, where they found out that he was twenty free years old with the name of Kenny, and that he actually had an owner.

The animal was not injured. Many people were touched by this incredible story. It is so good that this world is full of people who are ready to help those in danger.

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