A lonely dog chooses a kitten from the shelter and they become best friends

There are numerous stories and footage about friendships between different animals.

There is a misconception that cats and dogs never get along with each other,r but that’s not the truth. Here is the unusual story about the dog with the name of Raven, and the cat with the name of Woodhouse.

But what’s interesting, they even got to be best friends. These two gentle creatures loved each other and spend their days together. And it seems like their beautiful bond becomes stronger and stronger.

But it is even exciting to learn where do they met each other, So as the dog was feeling not complete and lonely, he needed a friend and his human wanted to help him.

One day, they decided to go to a shelter so Raven could choose a friend for himself. Christina always wished to have two pets, cat and dog, and it is amazing to see that her dream came true.

Raven chose a little kitten. And since, then they are an inseparable duo.


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