A rare and extraordinary pink baby elephant was born in South African Wildlife Park, which is supposed to be Albino

A very extraordinary elephant cub came to the world in the african National park.

Anyone who visits the park gets amazed because of the baby’s color, it’s not a common color to elephants, such as dark or light gray. Besides, the baby totally differs from his brothers.

The little one was born pink.

It’s not the usual case in wildlife, on the contrary, it’s remarkable. He got noticed next to the water with his parents and others in the herd.

For this phenomenon which is very rare especially in wild life, many flora andfauna representatives call it albino. Needless to say, it is not easy to be albino in nature. After all, they become the main target for hunters and predators.

As a matter of fact, lots of albino animals are born in the wild, but we can’s see them as most of them get killed or do not survive long.

Besides, being albino in your herd is not always acceptable by majorities. Hopefully, this little one is lucky to be accepted by its herd and feels great among its brothers and sisters.

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