A rare white deer was recently got caught on camera, seemed like it came straight out of a fairytale

When visiting Norway, a young photographer encountered a very uncommon whitefawn.

While he was hiking to mountains to find incredible views to catch on camera, a little snowy and white majestic animal appeared in front of him.

The baby was absolutely invisible in the background of snow, he didn’t escape or run away from the man, what’s more, he even liked being around the human and started to pose for photographs.

A few minutes later, his mother came out of the woods, but the baby still walked around the man and after then joined his mother.

The photographer remembers the scene saying that it was something similar to a Christman fairy tale. It was magical.

These species have a genetic mutation that extracts the darkpigment so they can be protected in snowysurroundings. Unlike many albinos, they usually have darker spots around their eyes.

Shortly saying, this biological uniqueness gives them a special and majestic appearance.

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