A real miracle happened: the horse gave unusual birth to two foals at once

It was said that when we believe in miracles, they definitely happen.

We really need real miracles during the hard times of our lives but sometimes we just do not pay attention to those supernatural phenomena that happen in front of us․ This example is exactly about it.

A super extraordinary and astonishing thing has happened a short time ago. The horse whose name was Emma gave birth to two little foals at the same time.

It was very difficult childbirth, nevertheless, nothing bad happened and everything ended quite well. The house’s owners were surprisingly shocked: their beloved animal became a mom for two little cubs.

Scientists say that this is a rare and even impossible phenomenon. They have established that these animals are not always able to carry two healthy babies in the wombat once but this was not that case.

The lives of 2 animals were not in danger.

The wonderful and careful owners gave the newborn foals Grace and Will names and surrounded them with warmth and caringness.

Now they are very naughty and lively foals, whose pictures and videos are wildly spread on social networks.

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