A stray cat with a bit of a temper becomes the best friend for a girl in wheelchair

One day, Chris Paul, who used to help homeless cats, saw a unique white-colored cat with blue eyes.

When he tried to approach, but the cat was very mistrustful and immediately began to fizz.

Hopefully, he managed to take him to a shelter.

In honor of the famous singer, he was called Sinatra.

A volunteer took care of him, and she immadiately remembered that he will be a very good friend to a handicapped girl by the name of Kylie.

All previous cats were afraid of a wheelchair, but now everything was really different.

When the time has come for both of them to meet, the situation was very intense, as they were afraid of disappointing their girl.

But once Sinatra saw Kylie, he happily jumped into her arms.


He started to cuddle and play with her. It was true love and friendship.

Everyone were amazed as they knew Sinatra sometimes might be aggressive.

The girl’s parents were full of tears seeing how happy their child is.

Sinatra is where the Kylie is. They spend all the time together.

“It seems like Sinatra has always been around us, as he is very confident and in comfort with us merged into our life. Kylie is homeschooled, that’s why he gets lots of attention. He is very compassionate and knows what Kylie needs.”

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