A true heroism by a firefighter who saves the dog’s life by performing CPR on him

We have all seen remarkable footage about firefighters who did everything possible to save lives and help those in need.

Now we are witnessing a truly heroic story about a romanian firefighter who demonstrated real heroism. There was an emergency call answered by the worker named Costache Mugurel and his staff. Turned out, a middle-aged man happened to be in the middle of a dreadful fire together with his dog. Soon, firefighters arrived and managed to get them out of the dangerous fire.

Hopefully, the man was saved and sent to the hospital, however, the little dog was not doing well, as he was left on the ground, panting for breath. At that very moment, the fireman rushed to help. He started to implement the CRP to help him breathe. He even did the mouth-to-mouth method. Then he continued the chest compressions and an amazing thing happened, the puppy got conscious and started to breathe again. It was Costache’s perseverance that saved the puppy’s life.

A random journalist managed to catch the remarkable scene on camera and soon uploaded it on social media. The dramatic footage soon got viral and displayed the heroism of the brave and caring fireman.

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