A volunteer pilot flies the orphaned and endangered baby chimpanzee to freedom, away from hunters

Almost every year, more than a thousand gorillas, monkeys, orangutans are stoled or illegally killed.

These are the overall statistics of the survivalpartnership organization of Great apes . The statics display the ape crisis caused by humankind.

A baby primate named Mussa, lost his mother when she was kidnapped by hunters. Hopefully, she was discovered by the rehabilitation center of primates

in the Lwiro. And now Mussa got a chance to live his life peacefully without fearing hunters. This volunteer pilot literally saved his life.

These pictures illustrate the escape of the primate to freedom. The beautiful and touching photos got viral on the internet and motivated many wildlife protectors to keep going and saving the helpless creatures.

The scared animal befriended the pilot and the monkey behaved calmly next to the pilot, all the way back he was sitting on the pilot’s lap.

Soon he was transferred to the center of rehabilitation. The care center was already a perfect home for numerous endangered animals, like gorillas, elephants, primates, etc.

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