A woman built a village for dogs that people want to live in

Imagine a holiday home in the forest on 22 hectares of your own territory. Each vacationer has his own cottage and three meals a day. Long walks at sunset and then a healthy sleep. Represented?

This is all for dogs. Liesl Wilhard, the founder of a unique dog shelter, has created an entire village dedicated to … pit bulls.

10 fighting dogs currently live in 6 cottages divided “into two families”. About 40 dogs of small breeds live in a large house with simpler rooms. The owner of the shelter plans to build a maternity hospital for puppies and a guest house for the “foster parents” of human dogs.

Liesl explains his strange, at first glance, behavior as follows: “Usually, our dogs are sorted out in a week or two. But pit bulls have to wait for the owners for several months. And in other shelters they spend time in cages, which makes them run wild and become aggressive.”

“With us, they live in the same environment in which they will live later in the family. They are not isolated, our volunteers walk all the dogs several times a day. They communicate with each other, and therefore the psyche of animals does not suffer.”

According to the hostess of the shelter, the construction of each cottage cost her about 20 thousand dollars. But she believes that healthy dogs that, once in a family, will not become a problem later, are worth it.

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