A woman raised three ducklings from store eggs, inspired by a Youtube video

When 29-year-old Charlie Lello was sent on a long vacation with the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, she had a lot of free time. The woman decided not to waste it, but to do something interesting.

Once, Charlie saw a video on Youtube about how a man raised a chick from a quail egg, and she wanted to repeat this experience at home. She purcchased sixduck eggsfrom the supermarket and placed them in an incubator.

The idea was initially dubious – after all, chicks hatch from store eggs extremely rarely. Firstly, they, most often, are not fertilized, and secondly, they have been in unsuitable conditions for too long. Still, Charlie decided to give it a try, in case some lucky drake had managed to get through to the ducks on the paddock.

Bip hatched first, then his brother Pip was born. Meep paid his last attention to everyone.

Of course, the kids mistook Charlie for their mother. As befits young children, they followed her on her heels, and settled down to sleep right on her chest.

Now the ducklings are a little less than a month old. Since their birth, they have changed a lot, turning from yellow fluffy to whitish ducks – Bip, the eldest, is already changing the fluff for young feathers.


With their mistress, ducks live in perfect harmony. They have another friend, the Dutch pygmy rabbit Arfur, from whom they constantly steal cabbages.

While the ducklings are not yet fully grown, Charlie allows them to live in the house. But soon she will move them to the poultry yard to the chickens. And, if suddenly you have such a question – no, Charlie does not plan to eat them.

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