A woman went to a shelter with a box to choose a cat but this cat jumped in there by herself

This story is about a beautiful cat Molly who’s breed comes from Himalayan cats. She is already fourteen years old.

She was loved by her caring owner. However, soon the owner got very sick and he had to send her to a shelter.

He got along very easily. The staff members were sure she won’t stay long there as she was a very lovely cat.

What’s hilarious is that she chose an owner by herself.

A woman came to a shelter to choose a pet for herself. And she left her box for the new pet at the entrance and went on choosing the animal. Molly was wandering in the shelter at that time. But once she saw the box she jumped in there immadiately.

When a woman saw her, she was determined to take her home as it was love from first sight.

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