Abandoned dog, gets a job in the near gas station and becomes their new family member

This accident happened in the Mogie das Cuzes town, close to a gas station.

The evidence says that someone put the dog out of the car and immediately disappeared. The dog waited for very long for his heartless owner.
The station at that time was ruled by a couple. While they were checking on their new property they noticed a dog. He didn’t look fine, so the owners didn’t leave him alone.


They took him and went straight to the vet clinic, then they bought doof for him.
What’s more interesting, the couple not only took the dog but also gave him a job.
They called him Negão. Soon, he got a badge and a cap, and since then, he is the official worker and of the staff members of the station.

He was the cutest worker at the station. His job was to meet all the customers, greet them and give them a good mood.
All the clients visiting the station loved the unusual worker.

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